Stocking Stuffer Bundle

Stocking Stuffer Bundle

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Struggling to find the perfect stocking stuffers?

We have put together our fav stocking items in this bundle to make holiday shopping a little easier this year!

This set includes:

Your choice of Mini Kynd Co Soy Candle.

Your choice of Só Luxury Lip Balm.

Your choice of 7csalts Shower Steamer.

Shower Steamers:

Root Chakra: cedarwood + vetiver
Sacral Chakra: blood orange + bergamot
Solar Plexus Chakra: rosemary + may chang
Heart Chakra: marjoram + ylang ylang
Throat Chakra: peppermint + clary sage
Third Eye Chakra: lavender
Crown Chakra: patchouli + benzoin

 Kynd Co Candles:

 FIRESIDE: The perfect cozy fire scent: Maple, Chai, Cloves.

SALTED CARAMEL: Smells exactly how it sounds: Vanilla, Salted Caramel, Pecan

COOKIE: Santa's fav scent: Sugar, All Spice, Butter

FRANCE: A fresh, but cozy scent: Cashmere, French Lavender, Vanilla

CASHMERE: Sultry sweet smell: Cider, Oak, Vanilla

NEW YORK: Smokey but sweet- Bourbon, Honey, Tobacco

BALI: Bring the smell of summer and beaches home this winter: Lemongrass, Coconut, Sandalwood.

MOCHA: Chocolate, peppermint and espresso. Smells like an After Eight!

ALPINE: Spruce, Pine and Balsam...a fresh tree scent.