Moisturizing Mineral Foundation - Alabaster

Moisturizing Mineral Foundation - Alabaster

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"Dewy" Sunscreen Mineral Makeup - Broad Spectrum SPF 20

Get your glow back with this moisturizing formula. It provides a light to medium coverage to even skin tone and texture for a soft luminous finish. Helps to lock in moisture and hydrate the skin.

*May be set with a translucent Sun Defense Minerals for a matte look.

100% oil-free.

0.5oz (15ml)

What Makes Illuminare’s Liquid Mineral Makeup Unique?

- The look of real skin, without any imperfections: Illuminaré foundations formulas create the look of real skin while protecting your skin from environmental damage. The colors are true to life, the finishes give an illusion of perfect healthy skin and a special luminosity that real skin has. Never chalky, heavy or mask like. Each foundation formula was made to offer something for any skin type, whether dry, patchy or super oily. And each will deliver all day wear and all day protection while looking like your skin, only better!
- Reliable UVA/UVB protection: Each of our foundations contain the sunscreen minerals Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide and provide non chemical sun protection so that additional sunscreen is not needed underneath. Each product was tested in a lab on human volunteer subjects and several tests were done on each product including SPF to ensure that you get the protection and performance you require from a high performance makeup.
- Easy Application and High Pigment Levels: With Illuminare’s highly pigmented formulas, you need very little product to get the perfect amount of coverage per application. The formulas were made concentrated intentionally and only a pearl size drop will be sufficient for an all over even application. Nothing spills, nothing flakes and nothing is inhaled as the formulas are creamy and easy to spread out quickly and conveniently with a brush or our special flocked fast applicator pads. This is the ultimate product to take on trips because there will be no bottles breaking or messy loose powders to carry.

What is in it?
Illuminaré is made with the finest grade ingredients possible and though we use only natural pigments for color and natural sunscreen minerals, we have chosen to bind them together in naturally derived ingredients such as silicones, glycerin and moisturizing gels. We omit all oils, salicylate, gluten, talc, artificial dyes, fragrance, animal or plant derived ingredients such as carmine, irritating ingredients such as bismuth oxychloride or alcohols. We do not believe in testing our products on animals. Our products are not categorized as “100% all natural” because we do not believe that term has any valid definition in the cosmetics industry but they can be classified as Vegan and Safe for Sensitive Skin Types and our packaging is recyclable.