AnteAGE Moisturizer

AnteAGE Moisturizer

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The AnteAGE® Moisturizer is designed to provide your skin with deep hydration, moisturization, and assists in repairing the skins protective barrier. Followingcorneotherapy principles, this emulsifier-free formula relies instead on skin physiologic lipids (fatty acids, phosphatidylcholine, ceramides, cholesterol) to create a homogenous and comforting cream that respects skin functionality.

With a wealth of benefits including anti-oxidant activity, anti-aging, anti-pollution, anti-inflammatory, skin regeneration, brightening, blue light protection and skinmicrobiome support, this daily moisturizer nourishes the skin and provides the tools required to maintain skin barrier health, integrity, and homeostasis.

- Restores essential lipids, fatty acids, ceramides, and cholesterol to the skin - Rapidly increases moisture and hydration levels to prevent dehydration
- Soothes and comforts irritated skin; reduces inflammation
- Increases brightness and clarity on dull skin

- Supports skin microbiome integrity which strengthens skin defense - Regenerates and heals skin while fighting aging
- Protects against environmental pollutants and solar Blue Light
- Acne safe and non-comedogenic