What are Peptides & Why you need them in your Skincare Routine! 

Peptides are short amino acid chains, and when enough peptides link together they can form proteins, such as collagen, elastin and keratin. They are responsible for communicating to skin cells specific tasks.

These messages revolve around bringing the skin back to health. Peptides help to reduce and repair damaged tissue, improve the skin's defense mechanism and kill bacteria that is causing acne, because they are antimicrobial. When your skin becomes injured, peptides signal to the cells to remove the damaged collagen and produce new healthy collagen.

This protein acts as a scaffold that holds up the skin, making it smooth, plump and strong.  After the age of 20 collagen production decreases by 1% per year, so the skin starts to lose its elasticity, firmness and those expression lines start to remain. Incorporating peptides into your skincare routine will essentially trick your skin into thinking it is injured and needs to produce more collagen, which will not only slow down the decrease in collagen but wrinkle formation as well.

At Skin Studio Beauty Co., we carry the Marine Peptide Collection from Eminence, which includes an eye cream, face serum, concentrate, lip serum and night cream. It uses plant derived peptides from sacha inchi and rice protein combined with a smart collagen complex+ and blue/brown algae to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, increase hydration, address sun damage and improve firmness.

It is recommended for anyone wanting to address signs of aging, pigmentation and dehydration. We also carry the Skin Studio Vitamin Rich Balancing Cream, which uses peptides from Oryza Sativa (rice plant) and arnica extracts to reduce redness and breakouts. This is perfect for acne and rosacea-prone skin. Lastly, the Bend Beauty Marine Collage Co-Factor Powder contains peptides to support collagen growth to promote wound healing and healthy skin from the inside out. A great addition to anyone's routine. 


Blog By Stephanie Byrne, Certified Medical Esthetican at Skin Studio Beauty Co.