Gift Ideas for the Teenage Girl in Your Life

I have a niece entering her teen years soon and I'm a mom of boys, with a brand new baby girl so the concept of buying Christmas gifts for girls is still new to me! Tell me I'm not the only one who's clueless in this department, haha! Anyway, I took to social media to see what was on these young girls' wish lists this holiday season and I'm sharing my findings here with you! Some of their top picks?

1. A classic beanie. And the Gigi Pip beanies are just that - classic, unisex, and timeless.

2. Perfume. We know young girls can have a tendency to over-do things at times, so opting for an all-natural perfume helps eliminate the risk of overbearing scents, and you can feel rest assured it won't irritate her skin either!

3. Facial masque or skincare. I love the Raspberry Pore Refining Masque for this age group. It's not too drying, it's gentle on sensitive skins, and it leaves the skin smooth and refined.

4. Lip Balm. You can never have enough lip balms honestly, and she will love this all-natural, ultra-hydrating lip balm - available in 4 different flavours!

5. Mascara. Try this clean mascara from Plume Science. It's lash enhancing and moisturizing formula promotes longer, thicker, fuller lashes! Who wouldn't want the gift of better lashes?

6. Necklace. This could be any necklace, but why not opt for an aromatherapy necklace from Drops of Gratitude? She can add Calming essential oil if she suffers with anxiety, Energizing oil to help get her up and going in the mornings, Focus to keep her on task at school, or Happiness to uplift her! Plus, the minimalist look suits any style.