Benefits of Gua Sha & Cupping


What is Facial Gua Sha:


A traditional Chinese Medicine technique that utilizes a flat stone tool to apply pressure and stretch to the skin and tissue for a therapeutic and aesthetic effect on the face and body. 




  • Improves Circulation: helps with blood, qi (energy) and lymphatic circulation to improve the overall health of the skin and tissue. Movement of fluids will reduce puffiness, increase hydration and eliminate waste/infection, healing the tissue faster.


  • Reduces Muscle Tension: releases fascia (connective tissue) adhesion and muscle tension to improve symmetry, soften fine lines and define contours of the face.


  • Product Penetration: facial gua sha is performed with hydration mists, moisturizers or oils (Check out Holistick Bulan Facial Oil or Holistick Matahari Facial Oil ). These products are massaged in with the tool which improves their absorption.


  • Reduces Stress: the rhythm and movement of the gua sha tool feels very relaxing and help to activate our parasympathetic nervous system putting one into a state of relaxation. 



What is Facial Cupping:


Adapted from a traditional Chinese Medicine technique, facial cupping moves a suction cup along the face to draw in blood flow into the space, which creates a controlled trauma that activates the skin’s natural healing process. 




  • Improves Circulation: will increase blood, qi (energy) and lymphatic circulation. An increase in oxygen-rich blood will stimulate collagen production to slow down signs of aging. It will also decrease puffiness through the movement of stagnant fluid and improve the clarity and luminosity of the skin.


  • Minimizes the Appearance of Acne Scarring: the suction cup creates negative pressure in the area which breaks down fascia adhesions, and increases blood flow to bring nutrients and promote skin remodelling. It will help to raise indented/depressed scarring and loosen the fascial layers of raised scars. 


  • Reduces Muscle Tension: will release fascia adhesions and muscle tension to improve facial symmetry, facial movement, soften fine lines, relax and lift features and sculpt the contours of the face


  • Reduces Stress: the combination of reducing muscle tension and improving circulation will release a lot of built-up stress within the tissue and face stress. As tightness and tension are released, it brings in a state of relaxation. 


If you wish to try out Facial Gua Sha or Cupping you can book an Advanced Therapy Facial. We also sell Gua Sha tools (Holistick Gua Sha Tool) in spa and in our online store.  

Blog By Stephanie Byrne